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Sunday, April 15, 2012


Last night won a game of Chinese Chess. That was awesome bwaha.

Woke up at 4am to drive to airport, random battle with wallaby on Foote Street. Those things wake up early o.o"

Airport lady let me through when I had 8kg in my backpack and the limit was 7kg per bag. I think she kinda knew I would just take out stuff and come back holding a pile of books or something with a 6kg bag.

Saw three (3) rainbows from above on the flight in, and still managed to get a decent amount of nerding done =] I think it's cause this morning Brisbane was cloudy but the sunshine was still good in places, that's what you need for rainbows right, sun and rain?

The houseplant seedling I smuggled with me from Melbourne has not died yet! xD

Saw a little frog bouncing around the floor at orchestra.

Had the most awesome midsem break. I think it's the that when you know that the time is so short you really try to make the most of it =]

Saturday night landed. Late night piano.

Sunday was sleeeeep in Halo Reach and piano day ^^

Monday was running with team KQ, all up about 11.5k =]

Tuesday was mhskids lunch/pool/dinner

Wednesday was surprise birthday. It was the day I realised Brighton was in fact not very far away, or at least not as far as I thought it was. The world kind of shrinks when your accessible modes of transportation change.

Thursday was a joint birthday party near the botanical gardens, lots of yum food and went for another run.

Friday was a catchup dinner at some Italian place where we rediscovered the fun of those frustratingly trippy rule games. Later was Hot&Cold and SanChurros <3

Saturday was little brother's birthday, ate sooooo much Peking duck xD

I know I'm kinda breaking my own rule about writing boring essays about my day etc, but I'm really glad I managed to get back home for that week =] Melbourne always steps up and gives me some awesome memories ^^

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"There's no point in being grown up if you can't be childish sometimes."
- Dr Who

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